Getting Involved - Mandarin Playgroup at CFC's 60th Birthday Celebration

Mandarin playgroup stall

Last Sunday was Craig Family Centre's 60th Birthday celebration. As one of CFC's active cultural groups, we ran a Chinese themed stall on the day. 

We incorporated a range of cultural themes into our setting including Mandarin books, traditional Chinese toys, Chinese embroidery jewelries and etc. At the same time, we thought out of the box to make our stall attractive to our little friends. We had bright colours, handicraft and party bags so the children were interested in coming to us.

We loved to be part of such community event! It was great to share thoughts, experience and most importantly fun with other community groups. 


Even though Mandarin is Chinese, we don't want to keep it only to ourselves. We hope to introduce such a beautiful and ancient language to the local families and children through an interesting, colourful and comprehensible way. 

It's not hard or boring for children to learn Mandarin, whether they have the Chinese background or not. As long as they are able to see, hear, touch and even play in Mandarin, the language is accessible to them.

3D Mandarin book

We are hoping and trying to build a little Mandarin community too for our families, children or anyone who is interested.