Free trial


We recommend a free trial session for both of our Mandarin class and prep class. Children and parents will be able to experience our programs by themselves. Our teachers will at the same time assess to determine the suitability of our program to the child and to identify individual needs


$495/child/term & $446/sibling/term

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Children Mandarin Class          



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different enrolment and fees

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Mandarin Prep Class          


Children Mandarin Class

(Camberwell & Ashburton)

Every day after school and weekends

Please contact to find a suitable class


Adult Mandarin class

(Camberwell & Ashburton)

Flexible time arrangement

Please contact to book for a class


* For children of 2-3 years of age:

TUE or SUN 9.30am-10.30am

THU 4pm-5pm

* For children of 3-4 years of age:

SUN 11am-12pm