Playgroup offers a great play and social opportunity to young children, carers and families. Our Mandarin playgroups also create an authentic Mandarin immersion environment to nurture early bilingualism in a fun and engaging way.


Mandarin playgroup q&A

1. Where are your Mandarin playgroups?

A: Our current playgroups are located at Craig Family Centre in Ashburton. Click here for more information.

2. How long does your playgroup run for?

A: Our Mandarin playgroup sessions last 2 hours every week during school terms. Families are welcome to adjust their attending time to suit their own needs.

3. What age of child does your playgroup suit?

A: Our playgroup suits children aged 2 years and above. Siblings are encouraged to come together. We also run Mandarin Baby Music program for families with younger child.

    We do require children to have basic Mandarin communication skills to attend our playgroup sessions to achievement the best learning outcomes.

4. What activities does Mandarin playgroup include?

A: Every Mandarin playgroup session includes storytelling (high-quality Mandarin children's books), nursery rhyme and song singing, handicraft, games and free play. We also teach simple character reading through play-based activities. Regular incursions of different themes are arranged to enrich children's learning experience.

5. Do carers need to stay during the session?

A: Yes, carers are requested to supervise and care for their child(ren) during the playgroup session. This is also a great opportunity for carers to socialise with other families.