Library Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. Members will pay a deposit when they join the library. Deposit will be fully refunded when the membership ends.
  2. Members will be charged a fee for borrowing items from the library. Real Mandarin Children's Library is a registered non-profit organisation. All the profits will be used solely for maintaining and extending the library. 
  3. Members can borrow up to 2 items at a time. Members need to return borrowed items before borrowing any new items.
  4. Members can keep any borrowed items for up to a month. Fines apply for overdue items.
  5. Members are fully responsible for all borrowed items.
  6. Members will pay the replacement fee for any items lost, stolen or damaged. The replacement fee is listed on the back cover of each item. Please note the replacement fee of each item is higher than its original sale price.
  7. Real Mandarin Children’s Library reserves the right to charge any replacement fees and overdue fines from a member’s deposit.
  8. When visiting the library, members must accompany primary school-aged children (12 years of age and younger) and ensure they are supervised at all times.
  9. Members and their child(ren) are expected to show respect and courtesy to our staff and other members or visitors to the library.
  10. No food or drink (except water) is allowed for consumption in the library.

See fees and charges here.