Children Class Syllabus

Mandarin as 1st language

For children who already use Mandarin as a daily language, we use high-quality Mandarin children's books as textbooks. As different children receive different amounts of Mandarin exposure in their life, we do not intend to put a limit to what and how much they should be learning. Having that said, we do try our best to help every child reach his/her full potential in the following skills:


mandarin as 2nd language

Children learning Mandarin as a 2nd language usually cannot 'pick up' Mandarin as easily by simply listening to it. The most common reason is that these children did not get to immerse in Mandarin during their early childhood years. Compared to learning their 1st language, these children need a more structured curriculum to help them learn Mandarin step by step, just like how we plan:

Syllabus Mandarin as 2nd Language