3 Steps to Get Your Child Started

Step 1: Some important questions

Enrolling your child in a regular Mandarin class is a big decision. Here are some considerations that we suggest you to make before you start.

  • Is my child 4 years old?
  • Is my child ready to participate in group activities with other children?
  • Is my child ready to take challenges (fun ones)?
  • Am I ready to facilitate my child to learn Mandarin consistently?

step 2: Choose the right class

Children need fundamentally different classes to learn Mandarin as a 1st or 2nd language for the best learning outcomes. Taught properly, both types of children can achieve high language proficiency. Click here to see different types of Mandarin class.

step 3: Work with the teachers

People say 'It takes a village to raise a child' to express their belief in the importance of partnership in children's development. As you are the expert on your child and they spend most of their time with you, your collaboration with our teachers will effectively support your child's Mandarin learning.

Your precious contributions include but are not limited to:

  • Making sure your child attends his/her regular class;
  • Reminding your child of the homework and any extra home activities;
  • Helping us get to know your child better such as his/her personality, interests, habits, needs of support etc.;
  • Telling us your questions, comments and suggestions.