Our teachers are not just ordinary Mandarin speakers. Each teacher is purposefully trained to teach Mandarin as a language and know how to effectively work with young children.


Teachers' skills


Mandarin teachers Q&A

1. Can any Mandarin speaker teach children Mandarin?

A: Unfortunately the answer is No. Speaking authentic Mandarin is only one of the many skills to make someone a good Mandarin teacher for children. Possessing the Mandarin knowledge does not necessarily mean knowing how to nurture such knowledge in a young learner. 

2. Why are good English skills necessary for a Mandarin teacher to teach Australian children?

A: A Mandarin teacher needs advanced English skills to be able to share thoughts and exchange messages with his/her young students who speak English as their 1st language. By continuously doing this, the teacher is building a real connection with the students.

3. What special skills does teaching children require compared to teaching adults?

A: As children think, behave and learn in a fundamentally different way from adults, the most important non-linguistic skill a Mandarin teacher needs is being able to understand children. Other skills include but are not limited to nurturing early interest, respecting differences, adjusting expectations, managing challenging behaviours, spotting needs of support and so on.

4. Why is it important for a Mandarin teacher to work in partnership with parents?

A: As experts on their own child(ren), it is vital for parents and their Mandarin teacher to work together in order to achieve the best learning outcomes. Ongoing communication is essential to making sure that parents can effectively facilitate their child(ren)'s learning outside the classroom and that the teacher knows how to tailor his/her approach to an individual child.

5. What does the safety training include?

A: All of our teachers have valid First Aid (CPR) certificates including responding to asthmatic and anaphylactic emergencies.